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The Stillwater News-Press has reported that a movie based on Oklahoma SABR member Mike Sowell’s book The Pitch That Killed is in pre-production and is scheduled for a 2014 release.

Mike has authored two other baseball books, The Mysterious Death of Hall-Of-Famer Big Ed Delahanty and One Pitch Away: The Players’ Stories of the 1986 League Championships and World Series. He discussed his books at our December 10, 2011 meeting in Stroud.

SABR member Pete Pierce, our June 9, 2012 featured speaker, has written four books on minor league baseball:
Baseball in the Cross Timbers: The Story of the Sooner State League
Indians, Cardinals and Rosebuds: Professional Baseball in Ardmore 1947-1961
Territorians to Boomers: Professional Baseball in Ardmore 1904-1926
, and
Red Dirt Baseball-The First Decades: Small Town Professional Baseball in Oklahoma 1904-1919.



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